Addam’s Family by Bally (High End Restoration)


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Addams Family Pinball MachineThe Addams Family Pinball Machine, launched in 1992 and is the best-selling pinball machine ever made, amounting to over 20,000 units built and sold. It was manufactured by Midway, under the Bally name. It is based on the 1991 movie of the same name, and features genuine custom speech by the movie’s stars, Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston.



Buy our Addam’s Family Pinball at very affordable prices.Our high end restoration Addam’s Family pinball machines are truly a pinball collectors dream.  Each of our  pinball machine is completely restored to better than new condition.  Pristine cabinets, backglass, and playfields are the result of over 100 hours of detailed craftsmanship and new, high-quality materials.  These highly collectable machines looks like a new machine coming off the assembly line. They also have clear-coated playfields that protect the playfield from wear and will make your showpiece last a lifetime.  We are in an elite class of companies

High End Restoration Process:

    • Remove everything from Playfield and Cabinet
    • Tumble and polish all hardware
    • Sand off old cabinet artwork to bare wood
    • Bondo and repair cabinet (several times)
    • Tape off inside bottom of cabinet and paint whole cabinet
    • Prep cabinet surface for decals
    • Install decals and trim off excess
    • Set cabinet up on legs for reassembly
    • Install brand new ground braid
    • Disassemble power box and transformer, clean, paint and reassemble
    • Install new button(s), flipper button switches, new coindoor, new siderails, new lockdown bar receiver, new head head hinges, new bolts/nuts
    • Install head on cabinet
    • Disassemble backbox light board, clean harness, paint light board, and reassemble
    • Disassemble board panel, paint, rebuild and clean all boards, and reassemble
    • Disassemble speaker panel, clean/paint, install new DMD, new speaker panel plastic, reinstall in head.
    • Install cabinet harness (cleaned)

Playfield Work:

  • Install all new tnuts in new/clearcoated playfield by hand
  • Paint and install wooden siderails
  • Install all new pop bumper parts, playfield support rails, playfield hangers
  • Disassemble all playfield assemblies, tumble all brackets and hardware, clean all coils and install new coil wrappers, brand new plungers, coil sleeves, etc.
  • Install completed assemblies on playfield
  • Install tumbled/polished posts, rubbers
  • Clean and regrain all ball guides
  • Clean all lamp boards and install LED’s
  • Disassemble all play field plastics and install new plastic set
  • Disassemble ramp(s), clean harnesses, polish hardware, replace switches, reassemble on brand new ramp
  • Clean all wiring harnesses by hand, let dry, reinstall on play field
  • Reinstall play-field in cabinet and make any necessary adjustments


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Addam’s Family by Bally (High End Restoration)