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    Deadpool is designed by industry legend George Gomez, who is responsible for some of the greatest player favourites of all time, invcluding Monster Bash, Lord of the Rings and Batman 66 amongst others. Gomez’s design is completed with incredible comic inspired artwork completed by Zombie Yeti whose work is instantly recognisable from games such as Iron Maiden, Ghostbusters and Aerosmith. The game also features a high definition LCD display to replace the regular Dot-Matrix-Display normally found on pinball machines.


    This pinball machine has been fully reconditioned to a brilliant condition and has been through a thorough inspection to ensure that it plays perfectly with no errors.

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    The Family Guy Pinball Machine comes with Delivery and Installation (worth $200), has been restored and is in an excellent condition. The Family Guy Pinball Machine is manufactured by Stern, masters of the art of pinball machine design and manufacture. Family Guy follows the life and antics of the dysfunctional…

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    This Monster Bash machine is in excellent condition for its age given its rarity, making this machine a truly excellent addition for any collector. The playfield is completely unmarked and unfaded with every playfield mechanism functioning perfectly. The cabinet artwork is also in excellent condition and looks super clean.

    Some machines we sell are fully restored, where we will fit new decals, new playfields, new parts such as ramps, and even upgrade certain items, such as the sound components. Where this type of reconditioning process has been undertaken we will make it absolutely clear that this is the case and the price will reflect the amount of time taken and costs incurred in this process.

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    This pinball machine has remained in excellent condition and has been given numerous cosmetic upgrades to make it one of the greatest pinball machines we’ve sold. The game has received a full deep-clean, had all of its playfield mechanisms checked over and has been thoroughly playtested to ensure the game is functioning 100%. The game’s backbox benefits from a more dynamic translite, whilst the cabinet has been given a golden trim to the metal parts. The playfield has also received a full LED and Sound upgrade.

    Pinball Table Measurements:

    Please ensure you fully check that a pinball of this size will fit into your intended location.

    Height: 71″
    Width: 31″
    Depth: 52″
    Weight: 118kg